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Terms of service

Purchasing a comapriz or other product through the order process on our website constitutes an agreement between you (they buyer) and comapriz Project, LLC (the seller).  Garden Tower Project, LLC will deliver to you the items represented by the purchase agreement.  Returns are accepted, but if the buyer chooses to return an item for reasons outside of our control, the buyer must cover return shipping costs and may not be refunded the original shipping cost (varies by location and carrier conditions) depending on the circumstances of the original order and return request.  We provide an extremely high quality product and your satisfaction is very important to us.  Please let us know if you have any concerns or issues and they will be addressed immediately. 

Disclaimer, Terms, Warning & Caution Statements:

comapriz Project, LLC is not responsible for any damages which are the direct or indirect result of (or related to) the use of our comapriz or other products.   You assume any and all risks associated with the use of products we sell by purchasing a product from our company.

Warning: Choking Hazard, Small Parts, Marbles, or Balls.  Not suitable for children under 3 years of age: The comapriz 2 contains 3/4-inch precision ball bearings which are a potential choking hazard when the comapriz is in a disassembled state.  Other products sold here may also container parts which are a potential choking hazard.

Children should be supervised when interacting with the comapriz or other products sold through comapriz Project, LLC.  comapriz are very heavy and with enough force could be overturned resulting in a potential injury.

The comapriz is a composting system.  It may be possible to prepare a compost mixture that is exothermic and could create conditions for ignition within the product.  Though this condition has never been reported in a comapriz 2, users must be aware that it is theoretically possible to overload a composter with nitrogen sources and dry combustible organic matter which could lead to a fire if the composter, especially if a composter is allowed to dry out.  By design, the Garden Tower 2 is a cool-process composter (not a typical hot, exothermic composter); however, all composters are potentially exothermic under specific conditions.  Read and follow the directions for your Garden Tower 2 and avoid excessive use of very-high-nitrogen inputs like coffee grounds, legumes, spent grains, etc. to keep the composting process cool.

comapriz, or other products available from comapriz Project, LLC, should not be located where they could endanger persons or property in the event of a major storm or structural failure of any kind.  A fully loaded comapriz 2 is equivalent to a large person in weight when in use (200-250lbs); keep this in mind when locating your Tower.  We offer a very high quality locking caster wheel kit for use where greater mobility of the Garden Tower 2 is appropriate.

Thank you for your patronage and as always,

Happy Gardening! — comapriz Project